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The herbal ingredients of Kovigel keep oral cavity healthy and fresh naturally

Anacyclus pyrethrum– antibacterial and anti-viral

Acacia Arabica– antiplaque and anti-gingivitis action

Azadirechta indica– Neem is a magical herb in endodontics

Mentha piperita– I help to fight against the oral microorganisms which are causing major less or more severe oral diseases

Clove– Clove is one among the natural product to be used to cure the dental problems

Pippali– Rubbing a gel of Pippali on gums and teeth reduces pain and inflammation in the teeth due to its Kapha balancing nature

Vajradanti gel– Helps to treat bleeding gums and prevention of chronic gingivitis

Psidium guajava – Guava helps to treat toothaches and has antibacterial properties

Embelia ribes-  It is good for oral hygiene as it may be used in mouth ulcer and sore throat

Curcuma longa- Haldi has proven properties like anti-inflammatory, antioxidant,
antimicrobial etc

Salvadora persica (Meswak ): Its role in maintaining the dental hygiene and ultimately the potential and safely use as dental remedy.

Quercus infectoria– use traditionally as dental applications for the treatment of toothache and gingivitis

Chinnamomum zeylanicum- Cinnamon help to naturally combat bacteria associated
bad breath and gum disease

Cinnamomum camphora- camphor has a long history of use for prevention and in assisting the body to heal itself in gum and tooth disorders

Mangifera indica
have been used as traditional oral health care measures in India since time immemorial


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