Zdeclife Green Coconut Toner

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Green Coconut Water is filled with the goodness of green coconut, which hydrates the skin and also help in removing pigmentation, freckles, and scars from pimples and small pox. 

A face toner clears out impurities and tightens skin pores. A few droplets of Skin Hydrating Green Coconut Toner work magic on the Sensitive skin by helping you get rid of sensitivity, dirt & dust particles, closing the pores, & restoring the pH level, and adding essential vitamins and nutrients to the deep layer of the Skin.

Green Coconut water: Green Coconut Extracts Coconut Water is a blessing for the skin. Vitamin C slows down aging & improves skin elasticity while making it appear problem-free & glowing. Rich in phenolic compounds, antioxidants that can reduce inflammation & prevent oxidative damage to cells. Vitamins (B3, B2, C) & zinc, copper, manganese, and selenium help support the body’s natural antioxidant defense system. Sugar & Amino acids help to nourish and moisturize dryskin. Antimicrobial properties help aid in fighting acne.


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