Zdeclife Revitalizing Shampoo


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Net Content: 200ml


Help to control Hair Fall

Reduce premature hair Greying

Reduce Roughness.

Hydrating property and rich source of vitamin which help to maintain scalp nutrition and strengthen follicles. Rice water is the great source amino acids vitamin B & E promotes regeneration of hair growth. 

Fermented Rice water:

The main constituent of fermented rice water contains many antioxidants that are beneficial for hair health. Inositol helps in decreasing hair fall. Inositol, an ingredient present in the rice water has ability to penetrate into damaged hair and repairs it from the inside out. The optimal pH of the fermented rice water keeps hair shiny, improves skin elasticity, reduces surface friction and prevents greying of hair.. Fermented rice water lets your hair delay graying, increases its shine, detangles them along with bulky it.

Coconut water

Coconut water contains folate also known as vitamin B9  assists in the keratinization of hair during active hair growth. it also keeps the production levels of oxygen-rich red blood cells normalized and stabilized and Prevents Premature Graying. Coconut water contains vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7 and B9.The coconut water also contains auxin which  controls the lengthening of root hair. Exogenous auxin enhances root hair length. With antioxidants and hydrating properties it improves blood circulation. It not only helps to stimulate the scalp, making hair thicker and adding volume but also provides anti-roughness benefits.


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